January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021

From the Principal's Desk

Hello, Theuerkauf Families!

I hope that you had a warm, relaxing, and restorative winter break and enjoyed some much needed and deserved family time! With all that has been going on in the world around us, it is so important to reflect, decompress, and connect with the ones we love. 

This week, the Theuerkauf staff came together to do a little self-reflection and intentional planning as we center ourselves for the second half of the school year. We each chose one personal and one team word that really captures our positive hopes for the year, and we would invite you to do the same! You can share your word with us here, if you are so willing. 

We are excited about moving FORWARD with a focus on positivity, simplicity, adventure, intention, and perseverance in 2021 as we support students in becoming the leaders and thinkers that our world needs. We venture forward with intentionality, high expectations, resilience, and love in our hearts to guide each and every child in growing into their full potential. Thank you for your partnership. 


Together, we make a difference!



Michelle Williams, Principal

Important Dates

Thursdays from 4-5pm - Open office hours with the Principal (Zoom link)

Thursdays at lunch - Lunch Bunch: Theaurkauf's Got Talent! (see Google Classroom for links)

  • Grades 3, 4, and 5: 12-12:30pm (Zoom link)

  • TK, Kinder, 1st, and 2nd: 12:30-1pm (Zoom link)

Friday, January 8, 12pm-4pm - Materials pick-up for Mr. Torres' and Ms. Polito's classes

January 11-15 - Parent Conferences - minimum days (11:55am dismissal)

January 12, 5-6pm - School Site Council (SSC) meeting (Zoom link)

January 13, 12-4pm - Schoolwide Materials Distribution (all classes except for Mr. Torres' and Ms. Polito's classes--see below for details)

Monday, January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School

Friday, January 29 - Cheetah Spirit Day - Wear your favorite color or pattern!

Friday, January 29 - Cool Cats Assembly - RESPECT!

School News

Parent Teacher Conferences January 11-15, 2021

Please remember that we will be on a minimum day schedule all next week while we hold our Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences. Students will be dismissed at 11:55 am each day.  If you have not been able to schedule your Virtual Parent-Teacher Conference, please contact the front office as soon as possible so that we can assist you. 


Powering Down Chromebooks Daily

This is a friendly reminder to please power down your child's chromebooks daily so that it will work properly. Powering down Chromebooks daily helps the systems update and run more smoothly. Please remember to close all tabs prior to shutting down. Do not simply hold down the power button, but instead use the power off menu option in the bottom right hand corner instead. Click here for directions on how to do this. 


Materials Distributions

Please mark your calendars! The following materials distributions are scheduled for the first couple of weeks of the new year:

  • January 8th from 12-4pm: Mr. Torres' 4th/5th combo class & Ms. Polito's 4th grade class

  • January 13th - Schoolwide Materials Distribution (art supplies and additional materials for most classes/grades)

    • 12-2pm: TK & Kinder

    • 2-3pm: 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades

    • 3-4pm: Ms. Stewart's 5th grade class and make-ups


Please remember that our procedures for materials pick-ups have changed slightly to better protect all members of our learning community. In order to further limit direct contact of any kind, we are now organizing all items for pick up in a bag, placing this bag on a socially-distanced table for each individual family to pick up upon arrival at the school. 

This means that we would ask you to please exit your car briefly in order to pick up your bag of materials. To aid us in hearing names from a safe distance (this can be tough with masks!), we ask that you please continue to write your child's full name in bold marker on a sheet of paper, displayed on the passenger side window or held up upon arrival. 

Also, as a reminder--If you have been exposed to someone with COVID or are experiencing any COVID-like symptoms such as loss of taste/smell, coughing, or fever, please do not come to the school. We will arrange a drop off at your home's door instead--just send us an email with this information. 

Thanks so much for your assistance and time as we all work together to stay safe and healthy! 


i-Ready Parent Reports

At this time, parents are able to access their child’s iReady Diagnostic 2 reports. Please visit our district’s i-Ready website page to learn more about the reports provided to parents and how to access your child’s reports. If you would like more information on the Standards Report Form, please see attached document.


Participate in CHAC Plugged In Groups!

PLUGGED IN groups:

  • Focus on social interaction between students

  • Use collaborative lessons and fun activities to teach students about emotion regulation skills, problem solving skills as well as healthy coping and self-care skills 

  • Are led by your schools CHAC Counselor(s)

  • Meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks after school

  • Are free of charge to all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students in the Mountain View Whisman, Los Altos and Sunnyvale School Districts

Click here to sign up. 


MVHS STEAM Club Opportunity

The Mountain View High School STEAM Club's mission is to help kids develop their interests in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Art through fun and engaging activities, discussions, and experiments. In the months of February, March, and April, we will be hosting our free STEAM Online Spring Program 2021! We will have meetings over Zoom and students will be mailed/delivered a package—a "STEAM Craft Kit"—containing all the necessary materials for the program. Visit our website for more information. 

If your child would be interested in participating, you can register by filling out this form BY JANUARY 8, 2021 or find more information on our website mvhssteam.com under the “Spring Program” tab. 


Reminder: Technology Support:

  • NEW: Please remember to TURN OFF your Chromebook for at least 2 minutes prior to starting school on Monday morning. There are updates that are sent to your child's device over each weekend. If the Chromebook is not powered down and back on, it will not work properly on Monday morning. 

  • If you are having problems with the chromebook you can contact: [email protected] to create a ServiceNow ticket or call the Tech Department at (650) 526-3252.

  • Is your child having trouble with sound or with their microphone? 

    • This video clip may help! NEW: Adjust Microphone Input Tutorial

    • In the Zoom app, you can click on the bottom left where the microphone is and click on the arrow, choose audio settings and then check 'automatically adjust microphone volume.' 

    • Another solution to try is to manually reduce the microphone volume in Chrome by clicking on the menu where the time/wifi icon is located then choosing the arrow next to the sound icon and adjust the microphone volume there.


Reminder: Reporting Absences

If you are reporting a student’s absence, please email the Secretary Mary Colon at [email protected] or call the attendance line at (650) 903-6925 press #2

Reminder. Please include your student’s name, your student’s room or teacher, the reason for absence, and the date of absence.


Reminder: Safety Protocols

As a reminder, our campus remains closed due to COVID-19. When necessary, appointments may be scheduled for materials pick-ups. When coming to campus, please wear a mask and maintain at least 6 feet of social distance at all times. Additionally, please perform the following self-check prior to coming on campus:

1. Do you have any of these symptoms that are not caused by another condition?

       • Fever or chills • Recent loss of taste or smell • Cough • Sore throat

       • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Congestion • Fatigue

       • Nausea or vomiting  • Muscle or body aches • Diarrhea • Headache

2. Within the past 14 days, have you had contact with anyone that you know had COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms? Contact is being 6 feet (2 meters) or closer for more than 15 minutes with a person, or having direct contact with fluids from a person with COVID-19 (for example, being coughed or sneezed on).

3. Have you had a positive COVID-19 test for an active virus in the past 10 days? 4. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical professional told you to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID-19 infection?

If you answer yes to any of the questions, please contact the school, and we will arrange for an alternate delivery method for your family.

PTA News

Happy New Year from all of us on the PTA Team! 

The last few months have not been easy, but we have been excited to meet many of you via virtual meet-ups, the PTA meetings, on Facebook and most recently during our Maker Sessions. We would like to invite you, one and ALL, to join us in 2021! Please reach out to us with any questions or visit our Facebook site to see what we've been up to!  We hope to see you at our next virtual meeting.

District News

Reminder from SCC Public Health: Travel = COVID-19 quarantine for 10 days

For people who have 1) come in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, or 2) traveled more than 150 miles: you will need to quarantine (stay home) for 10 days and continue to closely watch for symptoms for 4 more days after you leave quarantine. Get tested immediately if you have symptoms on any day. If you don’t develop any symptoms, get tested on day 6 or later. 

For more information about how to quarantine, as well as resources to help you stay home, visit www.sccstayhome.org


Parent University: Adolescent Drug Use, including the impact of the current pandemic. 

Join us on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 from 5:30 to 7:00 P.M. for our next Parent University event: Adolescent Drug Use, including the impact of the current pandemic. While this event is geared toward parents of children ages 10 to 18, all are welcome.

The presenter, Alum Rock Counseling Center (ARCC), has been in place for 46 years in the Bay Area and addresses the academic, social and mental health needs of the at-risk youth and families.  This important workshop will include such topics as:

·      Overview of trending substances used by youth (vaping, marijuana, alcohol, opioids, etc.)

·      Signs and symptoms

·      Why teens are using and the impact of COVID-19

·      How families can discuss substance use and support their children

·      Alternatives for substance use and ideas for prevention

·      Resources

Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Register here: http://mvw.sd/Jan20


Tester and Interpreter/Translator positions available

Looking for a part-time job with a positive social impact? MVWSD is now hiring organized and friendly individuals to administer English Language proficiency assessments to the district’s K-8 English language learners. To find out more, click here: https://www.edjoin.org/Home/DistrictJobPosting/1310195

Can you speak or write in a language other than English? MVWSD is always looking for qualified interpreters and translators. If you enjoy helping families and children and are fluent in English and one of the languages below, click on https://www.mvwsd.org/jobs and then click on “Support Staff - Hourly”. We are currently looking for the following languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese.


Info meeting next week: MVWSD’s award-winning Preschool 

Is now enrolling for full-day and part-day for the 2021-22 school year. Join us for an informational meeting online on January 14 @ 3:00 pm at http://mvw.sd/preschool2. Please see the attached flyer or https://www.mvwsd.org/preschool for more information. 


Enrollment for 2021-22 school year begins this month

For CURRENT students in transitional kindergarten-7th grade: Parents will be asked by email to confirm enrollment from January 18- 22.

For NEW students:  Open Enrollment is from January 11 through Feb. 5, 2021 online. You can register your child for the 2021-22 school year when online registration opens here:  www.mvwsd.org/register 


Register now! Parent workshop:  How to Build Academic Language with Kate Kinsella 

Virtual presentation on January 27 at 6:00 pm

Hosted by Huff, Landels and Jose Antonio Vargas elementary schools

Register: http://mvw.sd/kate


Presenter Kate Kinsella, Ed.D. will talk about: 

•    After school conversation tips to use with children to encourage thoughtful responses

•    Strategies to help increase students' academic language and listening skills


Kate Kinsella, Ed.D., is a teacher educator at San Francisco State University and a highly sought after speaker and consultant to school districts throughout the United States regarding development of academic language and literacy across the K-12 subject areas. Her 25-year teaching career focus has been equipping children from diverse backgrounds with the communication, reading, and writing skills to be career and college ready. 

For more information, please visit http://drkatekinsella.com/about-us/


Getting Ready for the ELPAC information session: Jan. 12

The English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) is administered every year to our English Learner (EL) students. To learn more about this assessment, the role it plays in the education of every EL, and how to help your child prepare, please join for the following meeting: 

  • January 12

5:00-5:30 in English: https://zoom.us/j/93307939185

5:30-6:00 in Spanish: https://zoom.us/j/93709174683


CSMA offers Virtual Art Club Live Zoom Sessions for Elementary students 

Afterschool art for grades Grades K-5 from January 19-April 22, 2021. See the attached flyers or click here to view and register: https://arts4all.asapconnected.com/#CourseGroupID=10998


CHAC offers free mental health support to parents and students 

For parents: CHAC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable and accessible mental health services, supports parents in several ways. Please see the attached flyers for more information.

For students: PLUGGED IN - Social and Emotional Learning Skills Programs

CHAC is excited to offer two new Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills Programs to 3rd and 5th grade students.  Both programs are a fun and enriching way to help students navigate the unique challenges they face in these extraordinary times.

1.    CHAC's Weekly Virtual Group meetings focus on social interaction between participants.  Through collaborative lessons and fun activities students will learn emotion regulation skills, problem solving skills as well as healthy coping and self-care skills. 

2.    CHAC's Independent SEL Curriculum teaches students essential social and emotional learning skills through entertaining video lessons and a variety of fun activities that students complete independently. 

The parents who request the PLUGGED IN Independent Curriculum will have it emailed to them immediately.  

The parents who would like their child to join a PLUGGED IN virtual group, will be contacted about scheduling options and asked to complete an online permission slip.  Groups are expected to start in early January. 

Click here to learn more about PLUGGED IN- CHAC’s new SEL Programs: https://www.chacmv.org/social-emotional-learning


MV Library presents: Raising Kindness and Awareness in Children 

Wednesday, January 20, 7 pm - 8 pm. Learn about fostering “kindness activism” in your children. Aila Malik, author, parent activist, social justice warrior, and kindness advocate will present practical ideas and engaging perspectives on activating humility, empathy, action, and togetherness within your family. Free. Flyers attached. Registration is required. https://mountainview.libcal.com/


Mentor Tutor Connection Volunteer Information Session - Tuesday, January 12th

You can change the life of a student! Come learn about volunteer opportunities to mentor high school students and Tutor students in grades K-8  in our Mountain View and Los Altos schools.

Becoming a Mentor or Tutor will add joy to your life and help a student in our local community to a brighter future! There is no obligation to sign up as a volunteer.  You're welcome to just come and learn more.

Please note: Programs are currently remote and will remain so until students are back in school and the school district permits volunteers in the classroom

All volunteers must be high school graduates.  

    Date:                 Tuesday, January 12th
    Time:                 7:00 - 8:00 pm
    Location:           Online via Zoom (URL provided upon registration)
    Register:           REGISTER ONLINE

Questions:    [email protected]mentortutorconnection.org

Information:      www.MentorTutorConnection.org


Parenting in a pandemic: Free 6th district PTA speaker series

Thursday, January 21, 2021, 7pm, “Navigating School During Uncertain Times” with Challenge Success - Laura Easley.  For other offerings in January and February, please see the attached flyer. Cost: free. For more information and to reserve your seat visit https://capta6.org/parenting-in-a-pandemic/


MVLA Speakers series presents “Middle School Matters” with Phyllis Fagell 

Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021 - 7:00 - 9:00pm | Live Online 

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Professional School Counselor Phyllis Fagell helps parents use the middle school years as a low-stakes training ground to teach kids the key skills they’ll need to thrive now and in the future, including making good friend choices, negotiating conflict, regulating their own emotions, acting as their own advocates, and more. To answer parents’ most common questions and struggles with middle school-aged children, she combines her professional and personal expertise with stories and advice from prominent psychologists, doctors, parents, educators, school professionals, and middle schoolers themselves.

Audience:  Parents of kids grades 4 - 8

Register:  To register for this free event at https://mvla2020-21-phyllisfagell.eventbrite.com

Books:   https://www.booksinc.net/book/978073823508


MV Library 


MVLA Speakers 

CSMA Art Club 


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