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Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards

  • Q:  What Are Common Core Standards?
    A:  Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject in each grade.  In California, the State Board of Education decides on the standards for all students, from kindergarten through high school.  The California Department of Education helps schools make sure that all students are meeting the standards.

    Since 2010, 45 states have adopted the same standards for English and math.  These standards are called the Common Core State Standards.  Having the same standards helps all students get a good education, even if they change schools or move to a different state. Teachers, parents, and education experts designed the standards to prepare students for success in college and the workplace.  — California Department of Education

  • Q:  More on the Common Core State Standards
    A:  The standards are a set of internationally bench-marked K-12 educational standards to ensure every student's college and career readiness in English language arts and mathematics. These standards increase rigor in every school, and provide clarity and consistency for what all students need to know once they graduate from high school.  To date, 45 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoan Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Anchorage, AK School District have voluntarily adopted the standards. – National PTA

  • Q:  What do the Common Core State Standards mean for students?
    A:  The standards provide clarity and consistency in what is expected of student learning across the country.  This initiative helps provide all students with an equal opportunity for an education, regardless of where they live.  The Common Core State Standards will not prevent different levels of achievement among students, but they will ensure more consistent exposure to materials and learning experiences through curriculum, instruction, and teacher preparation among other supports for student learning. – Common Core Standards Initiative
  • Q:  Why are the Common Core State Standards for just English language arts and math?
    A:  English language arts and math were the subjects chosen for the Common Core State Standards because they are areas upon which students build skill sets which are used in other subjects.  They are also the subjects most frequently assessed for accountability purposes. – Common Core Standards Initiative

  • Q:  What does this work mean for students with disabilities and English language learners?
    A:  The Common Core State Standards give states the opportunity to share experiences and best practices, which can lead to an improved ability to serve young people with disabilities and English language learners.  Additionally, the standards include information on application of the standards for these groups of students. – Common Core Standards Initiative
Additional Resources:

Khan Academy has produced a wonderful online resource which maps standards and practice tests for each grade.  Check it out.


Eureka Common Core Math Tips for Parents

English                                 Epañol

Grade1 Module1                   Grado1 Módulo1

Grade1 Module2                   Grado1 Módulo2

Grade1 Module3                   Grado1 Módulo3

Grade1 Module4                   Grado1 Módulo4

Grade1 Module5                   Grado1 Módulo5

Grade1 Module6                   Grado1 Módulo6


Grade2 Module1                   Grado2 Módulo1

Grade2 Module2                   Grado2 Módulo2

Grade2 Module3                   Grado2 Módulo3

Grade2 Module4                   Grado2 Módulo4

Grade2 Module5                   Grado2 Módulo5

Grade2 Module6                   Grado2 Módulo6

Grade2 Module7                   Grado2 Módulo7

Grade2 Module8                   Grado2 Módulo8


Grade3 Module1                   Grado3 Módulo1

Grade3 Module2                   Grado3 Módulo2

Grade3 Module3                   Grado3 Módulo3

Grade3 Module4                   Grado3 Módulo4

Grade3 Module5                   Grado3 Módulo5

Grade3 Module6                   Grado3 Módulo6

Grade3 Module7                   Grado3 Módulo7


Grade4 Module1                   Grado4 Módulo1

Grade4 Module2                   Grado4 Módulo2

Grade4 Module3                   Grado4 Módulo3

Grade4 Module4                   Grado4 Módulo4

Grade4 Module5                   Grado4 Módulo5

Grade4 Module6                   Grado4 Módulo6

Grade4 Module7                   Grado4 Módulo7


Grade5 Module1                   Grado5 Módulo1

Grade5 Module2                   Grado5 Módulo2

Grade5 Module3                   Grado5 Módulo3

Grade5 Module4                   Grado5 Módulo4

Grade5 Module5                   Grado5 Módulo5

Grade5 Module6                   Grado5 Módulo6